Digital TV News: Martijn van Horssen

Ooyala and 24i launch OTT content preparation and delivery solution
Dec 4, 2018 – Ooyala is partnering with 24i to launch OoyalaREACH, an OTT content preparation and delivery solution. Media owners can use OoyalaREACH to create, manage and deploy OTT experiences seamlessly across multiple platforms.
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24i Media acquires Mautilus
May 9, 2018 – 24i Media has announced the acquisition of Mautilus, the Czech TV app agency specializing in HbbTV and multiscreen applications. The acquisition strengthens 24i’s technology framework, and increases its production capacity.
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24i acquires Vigour to accelerate growth in OTT multiscreen
Mar 28, 2018 – 24i Media has announced that it has acquired Vigour. The acquisition further enhances 24i’s leadership position globally and accelerates its innovation and growth, with its technology platform at the heart of its ambitions.
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24i unveils Content Management System for VOD
Apr 13, 2017 – 24i Media has announced the launch of SmartOTT Backstage, a CMS that allows content owners, broadcasters and operators to enrich and organize their content metadata, offers social interaction, smarter personalized recommendations, continued viewing and curated content collections.
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Kaltura integrates 24i Media's TV Everywhere Interface for OTT TV
Jan 7, 2016 – Kaltura has announced that it has partnered with TV app developer 24i Media to offer the SmartTemplate user interface as a new front end for its OTT TV platform. The integration means that companies can now launch a full multiscreen OTT service in a matter of weeks.
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24i Media and Conax power Nuevo Siglo OTT TV app in Uruguay
Sep 10, 2015 – 24i Media has announced that Uruguayan cable operator Nuevo Siglo is launching its 'NS Now' OTT service for Smart TVs using an app based on 24i Media's Smart Operator solution. Nuevo Siglo already provides OTT content on set-top-boxes, tablets and mobile devices secured by Conax protection technology.
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Holland's Videoland launches VoD app on Samsung Smart TVs
Nov 12, 2014 – Videoland has launched a new VoD app on Samsung Smart TVs, with other devices following soon. The app, created by 24i, introduces several new features and compatibility with an extended range of TV-platforms.
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24i extends Nuevo Siglo OTT service to Smart TVs and game consoles
Sep 13, 2014 – Uruguayan cable operator Nuevo Siglo has contracted 24i to implement their 'Smart Operator' solution, thus enabling the operator to add Smart TVs and game consoles to their OTT service ‘NS Now’.
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