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Verizon, Telstra, kt and EE launch LTE-Broadcast Alliance
Apr 27, 2016 – At TV Connect 2016 in London, four of the world’s leading mobile network operators, representing North America, Australia, South Korea and the UK, announced they are forming the LTE-Broadcast Alliance.
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EE trials live 4G broadcast of FA Cup final at Wembley stadium
May 31, 2015 – EE demonstrated live 4G Broadcast at the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium. During the trial EE connected multiple devices to one broadcast stream of live footage over its 4G mobile network, and put viewers in control of multiple camera angles and replays using tablets.
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Mobile Video Alliance launches in the UK
May 20, 2014 – Participation in the Mobile Video Alliance is open to any organisation that is a member of the UK's Digital TV Group (DTG). The DTG will provide a forum for interested parties to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with the delivery of audio-visual content to mobile devices.
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