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Rovi and MStar unveil DTV ICs certified for DivX Plus Streaming
Dec 23, 2013 – Rovi (Nasdaq:ROVI) has announced that MStar plans to release DTV chipsets certified for DivX Plus Streaming™. With DivX Plus Streaming, DTV OEMs can support a variety of service providers and a range of deployment models.
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Toshiba TVs certified for DivX Plus Streaming
May 7, 2013 – Rovi Corporation (Nasdaq:ROVI) has announced that Toshiba is launching a range of DTVs Certified for DivX Plus Streaming™. The agreement will enable Toshiba DTVs to support high-quality entertainment services from over-the-top providers such as KNOWHOW Movies by Dixons Retail in the UK.
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Rovi and Media Markt Introduce Digital Entertainment Services on a Range of Connected Devices
Aug 30, 2012 – Rovi (Nasdaq:ROVI) and Media Markt Germany have announced that they continue to expand the reach of Media Markt's Video-On-Demand services with new launches of the Media Markt Videodownloadshop on connected set-top boxes.
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DivX® Plus Streaming to be integrated with Panasonic Uniphier SoCs
Jul 19, 2012 – Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI) has announced its DivX® Plus Streaming technology will be integrated with the 'UniPhier' series of digital television and Blu-ray Disc ICs from Panasonic (NYSE:PC; Tokyo:6752).
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MStar to Become First TV Solution Provider to Adopt DivX Plus Streaming
Jun 6, 2012 – Rovi Corporation (Nasdaq:ROVI) has announced plans for its DivX® Plus Streaming technology to be integrated into MStar System-on-a Chip (SoC) platforms for Smart Digital TVs (DTVs). Rovi will demonstrate DivX Plus Streaming at COMPUTEX.
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Rovi Signs With Freescale for First DivX Plus Streaming Mobile Agreement
Feb 28, 2012 – Rovi Corporation (Nasdaq:ROVI) has announced its DivX Plus Streaming™ technology will be integrated into the latest Freescale i.MX 6 series ARM®-based processors for tablets and other smart mobile devices.
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Rovi and Jiuzhou Collaborate to Integrate DivX® HD in Set-Top Box
Nov 14, 2011 – Rovi Corporation (Nasdaq:ROVI) has announced the signing of a new multi-year licensing agreement for DivX® technology with Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric Co., one of the largest set-top box (STB) manufacturers in China.
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Broadcom and Rovi Collaborate to Deliver an Over-the-Top Entertainment Experience
Sep 9, 2011 – Rovi Corporation (Nasdaq:ROVI) has announced that it is working with Broadcom (Nasdaq:BRCM) to integrate its recently unveiled DivX Plus Streaming technology into Broadcom's System-on-a Chip (SoC) platforms for set-top boxes and connected Digital TVs.
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Rovi Unveils DivX Plus Streaming for the Secure Distribution of Premium Video Entertainment to Connected Devices
Sep 1, 2011 – Rovi (Nasdaq:ROVI) has unveiled DivX Plus® Streaming, a secure adaptive streaming solution for the delivery of digital entertainment to connected devices including HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc Players, smartphones, game consoles, PCs, Macs, and cable STBs.
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