Digital TV News: Michel Azibert

OSN sets stage for Ultra HD services
Mar 8, 2016 – OSN is ramping up capacity on EUTELSAT 8 West B. Additional capacity at the Middle East TV neighbourhood will support more expansion for OSN, including new High Definition channels and the introduction of Ultra HD services.
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Eutelsat hits new milestone of 6,000 TV channels
Feb 17, 2016 – Eutelsat (Paris: ETL) has crossed the threshold of 6,000 channels broadcasting via its fleet. The record reflects three key trends: strong channel growth in fast growing markets; continued deployment of pay-TV platforms; and a diversified offer of Free-to-Air channels.
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Zimbabwe chooses Eutelsat to accelerate transition to digital TV
Nov 17, 2015 – Eutelsat (Paris:ETL) has announced that it has sealed a contract with the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) for Ku-band capacity on EUTELSAT 3B. The capacity will be used to deliver channels to a nationwide network of 48 DTT transmitters.
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Eutelsat selected for EG SAT DTH in Equatorial Guinea
Sep 14, 2015 – Eutelsat (Paris: ETL) has announced a multiyear contract with United Business Machines EG (UBM) in Equatorial Guinea. The contract covers lease of capacity on EUTELSAT 16A to broadcast the new EG SAT pay-TV service.
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EUTELSAT 8 West B successfully launched
Aug 21, 2015 – Eutelsat (Paris:ETL) has announced that its EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite has been successfully launched into orbit by an Ariane 5 rocket. EUTELSAT 8 West B will enter full commercial service in early October.
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Strong to launch French and Arabic pay TV for Sub-Saharan Africa
Mar 30, 2015 – Strong Media SAL-Off-Shore (SMO) has signed a contract with Eutelsat (Paris:ETL) to lease capacity on EUTELSAT 16A to deploy a range of English, French and Arabic-speaking television services over Sub-Saharan Africa.
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AzamTV adds capacity on EUTELSAT 7B
Mar 10, 2015 – Azam Media is ramping up satellite capacity through a new transponder leased on EUTELSAT 7B. Complementing capacity used on the co-positioned EUTELSAT 7A satellite, it will host new services for the rapidly growing AzamTV pay-TV platform.
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Eutelsat to support Kyrgyz Republic's transition to DTT
Jan 27, 2015 – Eutelsat (Paris:ETL) has announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with RPO RMTR, the public broadcaster of the Kyrgyz Republic, that will accelerate the country’s switch to a fully digital broadcasting environment.
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Eutelsat satellites broadcasting TV into 274 million homes in Europe, North Africa, Middle East
Jan 9, 2015 – Eutelsat (Paris:ETL) has revealed that in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, 274 million homes are now either equipped for DTH reception or connected to a cable or IP network offering channels broadcast by a Eutelsat satellite.
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