Digital TV News: Mirada

Mirada multiscreen solution launches at One Communications in Bermuda
Jan 15, 2019 – Mirada has announced the commercial launch of its Iris multiscreen solution for One Communications in Bermuda. The deployment of Mirada’s multiscreen technology across One’s network is being accompanied by an extensive marketing campaign across Bermuda.
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Mirada wins contract with Skytel in Mongolia
Dec 7, 2018 – Mirada (AIM: MIRA) has announced a contract with Skytel in Mongolia. Skytel has chosen Mirada's Iris multiscreen solution for a new generation pay-TV service that will deliver viewing experiences across all devices.
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Indra to commercialise Mirada’s Iris multiscreen products
Nov 27, 2018 – Mirada and Indra have announced that Indra will commercialise Mirada’s Iris multiscreen products. Iris allows pay TV customers to enjoy content via an intuitive navigation system and seamless user interface.
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Mirada launches apps for Iris across all major platforms
May 30, 2018 – Mirada has announced the launch of apps to provide their Iris multiscreen technology on even more devices to empower operators with the ultimate viewing experience across all major platforms.
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Mirada wins multiscreen cable TV contract in Bolivia
Oct 6, 2017 – Mirada (AIM: MIRA) has announced a contract with Digital TV Cable Edmund, a Bolivian pay TV operator. Under the contract, Mirada will deploy its suite of Iris multiscreen products, including its OTT platform and back-end application, across Digital TV Cable's network.
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Mirada and Anevia partner to support the transition to OTT TV
Sep 15, 2017 – Mirada and Anevia have announced a partnership to better address operators and broadcasters in the OTT transition. The joint offering features the Mirada Iris multiscreen platform integrated with Anevia’s NEA-DVR and NEA-CDN products.
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Mirada and ALi to showcase hybrid solution at IBC 2017
Sep 5, 2017 – Mirada and ALi Corporation have announcd their partnership to have Mirada’s Iris TV Everywhere solution, and end-to-end multiscreen platform, pre-integrated with ALi STB chipsets.
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Caribbean cable TV contract win for Mirada
Aug 29, 2017 – Mirada (AIM: MIRA) has announced a contract win with ATN International (ATNi) for its Iris multiscreen product. Under the contract, Mirada will provide products and services to four Caribbean operators owned by ATNi located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and French Guyana.
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izzi Telecom OTT launches in Mexico with Mirada
Feb 17, 2016 – Mirada (AIM: MIRA) has announced the commercial launch of the company’s Over-the-top content (OTT) solution for izzi Telecom, which forms part of Televisa, a Tier 1 Latin American operator in Mexico.
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