Digital TV News: Mirics Semiconductor

AzureWave selects Mirics' FlexiTV™ technology for multi-standard PCTV receivers
Sep 26, 2008 – AzureWave Technologies has selected Mirics FlexiTV™ for the development of a new generation of PC TV receivers. AzureWave's Mirics FlexiTV™-based embedded PC TV solution will be available on consumer notebooks in 2009.
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Mirics develops global solution for TV on a PC utilizing software demodulation
May 28, 2008 – Mirics Semiconductor has announced the Mirics FlexiTV™ broadcast receiver, a complete RF, host interface and software demodulation solution enabling the reception of analog and digital TV to become a standard feature on all notebook PCs.
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Mirics expands broadcast tuner product family for portable consumer electronics
Jan 7, 2008 – Mirics Semiconductor has announced the addition of the MSi002 poly-band tuner IC to its product family. The MSi002 tuner features an industry standard I2C control interface to provide support for legacy single and multi standard demodulators ICs.
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Intel Capital leads $10 Million investment in Mirics Semiconductor
Jul 2, 2007 – Intel Capital has announced that it is the lead investor in a $10 million round of funding into Mirics Semiconductor. Mirics is a UK-based company working to enable receiving content onto mobile devices.
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