Digital TV News: Miso

Romania's ANCOM completes fourth auction of DTT multiplexes
Feb 20, 2017 – Two new local multiplexes, in Iasi and Timisoara, have been awarded in the fourth DTT auction held by ANCOM. M PLUS INVESTMENTS won the Iasi local multiplex, while NOVA MEDIA won a local multiplex for Timisoara.
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SVC4QoE Project Combines Scalable Video Coding and Quality of Experience Technologies for Robust Mobile Performance Over DVB-T2
Apr 26, 2012 – The SVC4QoE consortium has successfully concluded a project that demonstrates the potential of combined Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and Quality of Experience (QoE) technologies to improve mobile multimedia services while reducing broadcasters' capital and operational costs.
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Danish world premiere of next generation mobile TV standard DVB-T2 Lite
Mar 13, 2012 – As one of the first in Europe, Open Channel started trials of DVB-T2 in 2010. Open Channel again leads the way as the first in the world to air the next generation of mobile TV, based on the new standard DVB-T2 Lite profile.
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U-verse TV Goes Social With New Apps To Interact With What You're Watching
Oct 17, 2011 – AT&T (NYSE:T) U-verse® TV customers now have new and better ways to bring together their favorite social apps on their smartphone or tablet with what they're watching on TV.
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Miso Connects Social TV to DIRECTV
Sep 1, 2011 – Miso and DIRECTV (NASDAQ:DTV) have announced the launch of the first social TV app synchronized with television viewing, enabling real-time social features that change based on what you're watching.
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EBU publishes DVB-T2 planning guidance
May 18, 2011 – The EBU has published a report on network and frequency planning for DVB-T2 terrestrial television services. It is complementary information to the ETSI system specification and implementation guideline and the corresponding DVB Blue Books.
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ENENSYS released the world's first DVB-T2 MISO SFN solution
Feb 16, 2010 – After almost 2 years of hard work and active participation in test-fests involving major DVB-T2 actors, ENENSYS is proud to showcase the very first version of its T2 Gateway and Modulators powering SFN, T2-MI stream interface and MISO.
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Romtelecom launches Dolce Interactiv IPTV in 10 cities
Dec 3, 2009 – A new IPTV service from Romtelecom is available in 10 major Romanian cities. Dolce Interactiv comes at an anniversary moment, at three years after the launch of Dolce, the satellite TV service of Romtelecom.
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Market Ready For Launch Of DVB-T2 Services
Sep 11, 2009 – The launch of DVB-T2 HD services is on schedule to take place later this year in the United Kingdom, with further launches expected in several other European countries including Finland and Serbia.
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