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NEC Electronics Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter Ended September 30, 2009
Oct 28, 2009 – NEC Electronics (TSE: 6723) has released results for the quarter ended September 30, 2009. Although sales of the company's 'EMMA' series, especially for blu-ray, increased, semiconductors for game consoles and home appliances declined year-on-year.
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NEC Electronics and Renesas Reach Agreement on Business Integration
Sep 16, 2009 – NEC Electronics (TSE:6723), Renesas, NEC Corp (TSE:6701), Hitachi (TSE:6501; NYSE:HIT) and Mitsubishi (TSE:6503) have signed an agreement to integrate business operations at NEC Electronics and Renesas with NEC Electronics being the surviving entity.
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MPEG LA Updates AVC Patent Portfolio License
Feb 2, 2009 – MPEG LA has announced that the coverage of its AVC Patent Portfolio License has been updated to conform with recent revisions to the AVC/H.264 Standard as defined in ISO/IEC 14496-10:2008, 4th Edition (2008-09-15).
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DVD6C Announces Royalty Reduction for DVD Decoder and DVD Encoder
Sep 4, 2008 – The DVD6C Licensing Group has announced that, from July 1, 2008, it has revised its worldwide patent licensing program, including offering a new license agreement offering reduced royalty rates on DVD Decoder and DVD Encoder products.
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Mitsubishi to Launch New Wireless HDTV With Embedded AMIMON Wireless Chips
Aug 21, 2008 – AMIMON's technology has been selected by Mitsubishi for its High-Definition LCD TV for the Japan. The wireless HDTV is a two-piece system comprised of an LCD panel and a separate HDTV receiver unit that connects to the LCD panel wirelessly.
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ULDAGE Releases Joint Patent License for Japanese Digital Cable Broadcasting Standards
Aug 8, 2008 – ULDAGE has announced that the Patent Pool License for Digital Cable Broadcasting Standards is scheduled to be available in October, 2008. The License includes essential patents owned by at least following 13 companies.
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DVD6C Announces New Licensing Program
Jan 25, 2008 – The DVD6C Licensing Group (DVD6C) has announced that it has revised its worldwide patent licensing program including offering a new license agreement, which offers reduced royalty rates on certain products and additional licensing options.
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Renesas Technology Releases Single-Chip LSI for Use in LCD Digital TVs for the North American Market
Oct 17, 2007 – Renesas Technology has announced the R8J66954BG offering single-chip implementation of major signal processing functions, from front-end signal input to later stages such as signal output to an LCD panel, for North American LCD digital TVs.
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MPEG LA Issues ATSC Patent Portfolio License
Sep 20, 2007 – MPEG LA has announced the availability of the ATSC Patent Portfolio License. The joint license includes patents that are essential to the digital television standard developed by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) and used in digital TVs sold in the United States, South Korea, Mexico, Canada and other countries.
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