Digital TV News: Neil Hunt

Netflix announces 'Netflix Recommended TV' program
Jan 5, 2015 – Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) has announced its 'Netflix Recommended TV' program, an independent smart TV evaluation program to help consumers identify televisions built for a superior Internet TV experience.
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Roku announces Roku TV 4K plans
Jan 5, 2015 – Roku has announced its plans to support 4K Ultra HD streaming. The company has prepared a Roku TV reference design for 4K smart TVs for license to TV OEM partners. TCL is an initial partner to build 4K models.
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Dolby launches Dolby Vision picture improvement technology
Jan 6, 2014 – Dolby Labs (NYSE:DLB) has announced Dolby® Vision, a new imaging technology that helps content creators and television manufacturers deliver true-to-life brightness, colors, and contrast by augmenting the fidelity of Ultra HD (UHD) and HD video signals.
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