Digital TV News: Norbert Hölzle

Czech and Slovak public broadcasters begin Ultra HD test broadcasts on ASTRA 3B
Dec 15, 2014 – SES (Paris, Luxembourg: SESG), Ceska Televize (CT), RTVS and Ceske Radiokomunikace have announced that they will begin test broadcasts of Ultra HD content via SES's ASTRA 3B satellite at 23.5 degrees East.
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MagtiSat adds fourth ASTRA transponder for Georgia
Jan 24, 2013 – SES (Paris;LuxX:SESG) has announced that MagtiCom has signed an agreement for a fourth transponder at the ASTRA 31.5°E orbital position after the first year of operations of MagtiSat, Georgia's first domestic DTH satellite platform.
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SES grows its 23.5 degrees East reach in Benelux by 20 percent
Apr 18, 2012 – SES (Paris; LuxX: SESG) has announced that the technical reach of its ASTRA Satellite System in the Benelux markets from the 23.5 degrees East orbital position has increased by more than 140,000 households to 870,000, an annual growth of 20%.
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Satellite becomes leading TV infrastructure in Europe
Mar 27, 2012 – SES (Paris; LuxX:SESG) has announced that satellite has become the leading TV infrastructure in Europe, ahead of terrestrial and cable reception. Approximately 84 million European households have satellite (DTH) as their primary TV reception mode.
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ASTRA Reach Grows by 40 Percent on 23.5 Degrees East in Benelux Markets
Mar 24, 2011 – SES ASTRA (Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG) has announced that it increased its technical reach from the orbital position 23.5 degrees East in the Benelux markets by more than 200,000 households to a total of 740,000.
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SES ASTRA Expands in Central and Eastern Europe and Enters the Bulgarian Market
Jan 17, 2011 – SES ASTRA (Paris:SESG, LuxX:SESG) has announced that the Bulgarian Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator Satellite BG will use three transponders at SES ASTRA's 23.5°E orbital position for broadcasting its channel portfolio to TV homes across Bulgaria.
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SES ASTRA Signs Capacity Agreement for Video Delivery to Ukraine via 31.5° East
Dec 13, 2010 – SES ASTRA (Paris; LuxX:SESG) has announced that it has signed a capacity agreement for video delivery with Ukraine's state owned Ukrkosmos. SES ASTRA will achieve 100 percent cable-coverage in Ukraine via its 31.5°E orbital position.
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