Digital TV News: Ocean Blue Software

Skyviia partners with Ocean Blue on CI Plus
Jun 6, 2012 – Skyviia has announced that it has partnered with Ocean Blue Software to enable CI Plus on its SV8870 SoC. Ocean Blue has a CI Plus solution that is V1.3.1 ready and includes the CI+ browser module for use in host devices such as set top boxes and IDTVs.
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Ocean Blue develops anti-virus software for Connected TVs
Jun 6, 2012 – Ocean Blue has announced that it has partnered with Sophos to develop a cloud-based antivirus solution that can be shipped either as part of the Ocean Blue middleware or as a stand-alone client for solutions with their own middleware.
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Ocean Blue Talking TV Software Benefits Thousands In Australia As Part Of Government Help-Box Scheme
Apr 4, 2012 – Ocean Blue has partnered with Hills Antenna & TV System to release the first of its kind 'Talking' set-top box in Australia. The Talking Set Top Box, Hills HD94003G, was developed with the assistance of the Australian Government and Vision Australia.
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Ocean Blue to launch HbbTV, T2 And MHEG Turnkey Solution At IP&TV World Forum
Mar 15, 2012 – Ocean Blue Software has announced that their multi-process DVB core, MHEG-5 and HbbTV middleware is to be launched at the IP&TV world forum in London next week.
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Ocean Blue To Unveil New User Interface at IP&TV World Forum
Mar 1, 2012 – Ocean Blue Software will launch their graphical User Interface 'Spinnaker' at the IP&TV World Forum. Spinnaker has been developed using QML and enables customers to re-skin the UI with their own corporate identity, or build their own UI from scratch.
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ACCESS and Ocean Blue Software Partner to Provide Connected Home and TV Software
Sep 7, 2011 – ACCESS CO. and Ocean Blue Software have announced that they will work together to provide middleware solutions supporting IP Connected Home and Connected TV.
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Ocean Blue Releases News DVB Software for Multi-processor Digital TV Receivers
Jun 1, 2011 – Ocean Blue has released a new version of its Sunrise DVB software to support multi-core CPUs and multi-tasking. Sunrise DVB is now capable of working as either the core of the system or as a plug-in module to a more complex, bus driven architecture.
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Ocean Blue and, the leading combination for the HbbTV market
Mar 21, 2011 – has chosen Ocean Blue Software as their partner to supply DVB software for its new EVO-3x platform. This will be showcased at this year's IP&TV World Forum.
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Ocean Blue Alerts Consumers To Digital TV Virus Risks
Feb 7, 2011 – The latest generation of TVs and set-top boxes are at risk of virus infection unless manufacturers take steps to build in protection, says digital TV specialist, Ocean Blue Software (OBS).
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