Digital TV News: Olivier DEMOLY

NEOTION launches smart home solution for operators at MWC17
Feb 27, 2017 – NEOTION has announced the commercial launch of its Neohome smart home solution combining a home automation gateway and a wide range of plug and play devices, aimed at fixed and mobile operators.
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NEOTION and CIFRA deliver CI Plus 1.3 CAM to Tricolor TV
Feb 7, 2017 – NEOTION has developed, in cooperation with CIFRA, a next generation CAM for Tricolor TV. The NEOTION CAM integrates the CI Plus 1.3 Operator Profile allowing host devices to perform a full installation of the Tricolor TV bouquet.
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NEOTION develops satellite gateway with Eutelsat SmartBeam
Sep 8, 2016 – NEOTION has enlarged its product portfolio with a new Satellite OTT Gateway developed in partnership with Eutelsat. The gateway, when combined with Eutelsat SmartBeam, enables broadcasters to leverage the coverage of satellite to enrich TV platforms with live OTT channels and new interactive services.
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NEOTION to exhibit Neohome in partnership with M2M Solution
Sep 6, 2016 – NEOTION has unveiled a smart home partnership with M2M Solution. NEOTION's Neohome technology has been combined with the know-how of M2M in firmware, cloud-based services, user interfaces, cashing services and billing systems to provide a complete operator solution.
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NEOTION to present its Neohome Smart Home solution at IBC
Sep 5, 2016 – NEOTION has announced that following on from its concept demo last year during IBC, NEOTION has developed a complete and secure Smart Home solution combining a gateway with home automation capabilities.
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NEOTION launches CI Plus 1.3 CAM for Russia's AKADO
Jun 7, 2016 – Akado Telecom has selected NEOTION for its Advanced Security CAM. NEOTION has successfully launched a CI Plus 1.3 CAM for AKADO fully certified by Verimatrix for DVB cardless Pay-TV.
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NEOTION adds CryptoGuard to CAM portfolio
Jun 6, 2016 – NEOTION has announced the introduction of a CAM certified as compatible with the CryptoGuard Secure and Smart Conditional Access System (CAS) for DVB Pay-TV solution for satellite, terrestrial and cable operators.
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NEOTION expands partnership with Viaccess-Orca
Jun 6, 2016 – NEOTION has announced an expanded partnership with Viaccess-Orca. NEOTION now offers seamless integration between Viaccess-Orca’s Adaptive Sentinel dual card and cardless Conditional Access System (CAS) and its own Conditional Access Module (CAM) portfolio.
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