Digital TV News: Opera Software

Opera brings Blink-based SDK to Entropic RDK implementations
Feb 10, 2014 – Entropic (Nasdaq:ENTR) and Opera Software have announced their RDK (Reference Design Kit) collaboration using the OpenEmbedded core technology and the Yocto Project Linux development environment.
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Skyworth selects full suite of Opera TV solutions
Jan 20, 2014 – Skyworth has announced that Skyworth is launching its new Smart TV models powered by the Opera Devices Software Development Kit (SDK), Opera TV Store and Opera TV browser.
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Opera Devices SDK for Sigma Designs' Smart TV processors
Jan 9, 2014 – Opera Software and Sigma Designs (NASDAQ: SIGM) have announced that the Opera Devices SDK will land in Sigma Designs’ Smart TV processors.
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Opera Devices SDK to power Bang & Olufsen connected TVs
Jan 8, 2014 – Opera Software has announced that Bang & Olufsen is now shipping the latest version of the Opera Devices Software Development Kit (SDK) on selected high-end connected TVs.
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Opera, TechniSat and Verimatrix provide smooth TV browsing for operators
Jan 7, 2014 – Opera Software, together with TechniSat Digital and Verimatrix have announced that the latest TechniSat hybrid set-top boxes (STB) will be powered by the Opera SDK and protected by Verimatrix security.
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Opera TV Store lands on select Samsung Blu-ray Disc players
Jan 2, 2014 – Opera Software has announced that apps from the Opera TV Store will be available on Samsung's Blu-ray Disc players, providing viewers with more choices of online and streaming entertainment for their TV screens.
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Opera launches Chromium/Blink engine for RDK set-top boxes
Dec 13, 2013 – Opera Software has announced that pay-TV operators and their partners deploying the Reference Design Kit (RDK) can now use the Chromium/Blink engine, via the Opera Devices SDK, in their set-top boxes.
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Amino launches TV App store - powered by Opera - at IBC 2013
Sep 13, 2013 – Amino Communications (AIM: AMO) is to partner with Opera Software in the delivery of the Amino TV App Store for its Live Home Media Centre - powered by Opera Software's Opera TV Store application platform, and providing hundreds of free apps.
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AirTies selects Opera SDK to bring OTT to STBs
Sep 13, 2013 – Opera Software has announced that it has renewed its partnership with AirTies. The agreement makes the Opera Devices Software Development Kit (SDK) available to the entire AirTies set-top box (STB) portfolio.
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