Digital TV News: Paul Martin

DTVKit HbbTV 1.5 now available on the Ekioh TV Browser
Jun 4, 2015 – DTVKit has announced that their HbbTV 1.5 solution is now available on the Ekioh TV Browser. This provides the industry with a commercially sourced browser and the availability of the first turn-key HbbTV solution together with Ekioh.
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DTVKit announces launch at TV Connect
Mar 18, 2014 – The DTVKit Open Software Foundation (DTVKit) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to developing and maintaining a shared pool of software building blocks for CE products based on DVB standards.
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Ocean Blue launches 'Horizon' HbbTV solution at TV Connect 2013
Mar 19, 2013 – Ocean Blue has announced the launch of its 'Horizon' HbbTV middleware at TV Connect 2013. Horizon enables manufacturers and operators to provide set top boxes and iDTVs with full connected TV functionality, via a consistent User Interface, sitting alongside the linear broadcast.
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