Digital TV News: Peter Erdman

Hisense Roku TV H4 series to hit U.S. stores soon
Aug 19, 2014 – Hisense and Roku have announced availability of the Hisense Roku TV H4 Series to the U.S. market. Roku TV is a simplified smart TV that uses the Roku OS to enable consumers to enjoy entertainment whether on-demand, streamed or live.
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Marvell and Hisense Introduce Smart TVs and Set-top Boxes with Google TV
Jan 8, 2013 – Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL) has announced that its ARMADA®1500 series System-on-Chip (88DE3100) is at the core of new Google TV products from Hisense, including the Hisense Pulse and the XT780 Smart TV series.
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Hisense Integrates Flingo Samba to Automatically Identify and Enhance Live TV Programs
Jan 4, 2013 – Hisense has announced the integration of Flingo's Samba interactive TV platform into its Smart TVs. Samba identifies live TV shows, recommends related online videos, and aggregates real-time information including social media discussions about the TV program currently playing.
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