Digital TV News: Simon Morris

LOVEFiLM launches streaming application on PlayStation 4
Nov 29, 2013 – LOVEFiLM has announced the arrival of the LOVEFiLM Instant streaming application on PlayStation®4 - Sony's next generation video games console. The app allows film and TV fans to access the latest entertainment from the LOVEFiLM Instant catalogue.
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LOVEFiLM launches streaming application on Xbox One
Nov 22, 2013 – Members of LOVEFiLM can now access thousands of films and TV shows from the LOVEFiLM Instant streaming catalogue on Xbox One, Microsoft's new generation all-in-one gaming and entertainment system.
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CogniVue Announces CV220X Family of Image Cognition Processors
Mar 18, 2010 – CogniVue Corporation has announced the CV220X series of Image Cognition Processors (ICPs) for use in a broad range of automotive vision application systems, IP video surveillance and monitoring and mobile TV applications.
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DivX Grants Mobile Certification to New MtekVision Media Processor
Feb 13, 2008 – DivX, Inc. (NASDAQ:DIVX) has announced a licensing deal with Mtekvision to grant DivX® Mobile Certification to a new media processor chipset used in a variety of mobile platforms.
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