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Roku Streaming Players Launch in the U.K. and Ireland
Jan 10, 2012 – Roku® has announced the company's launch in Europe with the first of its streaming players now available for purchase in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Consumers living in those two countries can choose from two of Roku's best-selling models.
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3D for Entertain: Deutsche Telekom conquers the third dimension
Sep 3, 2010 – Deutsche Telekom (Frankfurt: DTE)(NYSE:DT) propels its Entertain TV offer into the third dimension: At the start of IFA 2010, all Entertain customers can call up the content of their choice via Videoload, the online video store.
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ZillonTV Unveils Personalized Television Service
Mar 4, 2009 – Through agreements with major Hollywood studios, TV networks and Visa, the ZillionTV Service will offer an extensive array of entertainment; advertising opportunities; and, television commerce, enabling consumers to make purchases through their TV.
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On-Demand Video Entertainment Experience, launches
Dec 2, 2008 – Sling Media (NASDAQ: SATS) has announced the launch of, an online video entertainment destination. Users can go to to watch a huge selection of clips, TV shows, films, news and sports in high quality, for free, anytime they want.
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Digital Entertainment Takes the Spotlight at the 2009 International CES
Nov 11, 2008 – The world's leading digital entertainment companies will take the spotlight on the show floor at the upcoming 2009 International CES®, with the largest exhibition of digital entertainment in show history on display.
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AT&T Mobile TV Premieres Sunday, May 4
May 1, 2008 – AT&T (NYSE:T) and MediaFLO USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), have announced the May 4 availability of the AT&T Mobile TV with FLO™ service.
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Hulu Opens to the Public, Offers Free Streams of Hit TV Shows, Movies and Clips from More Than 50 Providers
Mar 12, 2008 – Hulu, an online video service, has announced the public launch of its Web site, Beginning today, consumers in the U.S. can go to to watch a large selection of hit TV shows, movies, clips and more in high-quality - anytime, for free.
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Hulu Debuts via Private Beta and on Distribution Partners AOL, Comcast, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo!
Oct 29, 2007 – Hulu has announced the beta launch of its online video service, offering viewers a vast selection of streaming, on-demand, premium programming on a free, ad-supported basis.
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Digital Entertainment Takes Center Stage at the 2008 International CES
Oct 4, 2007 – The latest developments in the content and digital entertainment industries will take center stage at the 2008 International CES®, with the largest exhibition of digital entertainment in show history on display, reinforcing CES as the global intersection for the content and technology markets.
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