Digital TV News: Stephen Farson

Allegro DVT acquires Amphion Semiconductor
Oct 16, 2019 – Allegro DVT has announced the acquisition of Amphion Semiconductor. The acquisition combines the capabilities of Allegro DVT's advanced video codec IPs with Amphion's silicon proven video decoder IPs.
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Amphion extends IP family to support AV1 video decoding up to 4K/UHD
May 9, 2019 – Amphion has announced an AV1 decoding extension to its Malone family of high performance video decoders for SoC implementation. AV1 is the video coding format capable of delivering up to 30% better compression rates versus formats such as HEVC and VP9.
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AMPHION releases two HEVC/H.265 video decoder IP variants
Mar 6, 2017 – Amphion has announced the availability of 2 extended performance variants of its HEVC/H.265 video decoder core. The 4Kp120 (CS8150) and 8Kp60 (CS8160) variants target higher frame rates and higher resolutions respectively.
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