Digital TV News: Stingray

Tricolor TV begins broadcasting of Ultra HD package
Nov 18, 2015 – Tricolor TV has announced that it has started broadcasting an Ultra HD package, which includes two ultra high-definition TV channels. Subscribers get access to movies and documentaries, as well as sports and entertainment programs in 4K at no extra charge.
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Videotron introduces Canada's first Ultra HD DVR
Aug 11, 2015 – Videotron has become the first telecommunications provider in Canada to commercially release an ultra-high-definition (UHD) set-top box across its entire service area. Videotron intends to launch a UHD service by summer's end.
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27m to develop SiP-based STB for General Satellite
Oct 5, 2014 – 27m has been selected by GS Group as the design house to create the first set-top box, under the brand 'General Satellite', based on their custom made System-in-Package (SiP).
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GS develops satellite+terrestrial STB for Tricolor TV
Sep 16, 2014 – GS Group has announced its General Satellite GS E212 set-top box. The box is able to receive both satellite and terrestrial signals and was developed for the largest Russian satellite operator, Tricolor TV.
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