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9 million broadband subscribers with DOCSIS 3.1 by 2017
Jan 28, 2016 – ABI Research has forecast that there will be approximately 9 million broadband subscribers using DOCSIS 3.1 equipment by 2017, representing slightly more than 1% of total fixed broadband subscriptions worldwide.
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Telenet adds 19,200 digital TV subscribers in Q2 2014
Jul 31, 2014 – Telenet (Brussels: TNET) has announced results for the six months ended June 30, 2014. At June 30, 2014, the company served 1,528,300 digital TV customers (+5% year-on-year) having added 19,200 net digital TV subscribers in Q2 2014.
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Sigma Designs reports fiscal year 2014 results
Apr 9, 2014 – Sigma Designs (NASDAQ: SIGM) has reported results for its fourth quarter and year ended February 1, 2014. Net revenue for 2014 was $199.2 million, a decrease of $17.4 million, or 8.0%, from $216.6 million in the previous year.
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Pace preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2013
Mar 4, 2014 – Pace (LSE: PIC) has announced its results for the year ended 31 December 2013. STB and Media Server revenues were up 8.4% to $1,979.6m in 2013, driven by demand for Media Servers in H1 2013 in North America and a number of new deployments in H2 2013.
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Telenet chooses Comtrend powerline ethernet adapters
Jan 14, 2014 – Sigma Designs (NASDAQ: SIGM) and Comtrend have announced that Belgium's Telenet will deploy Comtrend's Powerline Ethernet Adapters, PG 9042s based on Sigma Designs' HomePlug AV with ClearPath technology.
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Liberty Global extends its dominance in Europe
Nov 13, 2013 – Pay TV subscriptions for the 102 operators across 26 countries covered in a new report from Digital TV Research will increase from a collective 105.8 million in 2008 to 131.9 million in 2012 and onto 147.1 million by 2018.
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Telenet adds 20,000 digital TV subscribers in 2Q 2013
Jul 30, 2013 – Telenet (Brussels: TNET) has announced results for the six months ended June 30, 2013. Subscribers to Telenet Digital TV grew 12% year-on-year to 1,453,200 at the end of June 30, 2013. 20,100 net digital TV subscribers were added in Q2 2013.
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Telenet launches 'TV with a card' CI+ option
Jun 13, 2013 – Belgium's Telenet has announced the launch of 'TV with a card'. By placing a CI+ module with a smartcard in the TV set, a customer can watch television in digital picture and sound quality, without the need of a decoder or additional cables.
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SmarDTV provides CI Plus modules to Telenet in Belgium
Jun 3, 2013 – SmarDTV (SIX:KUD.S) has announced that the Belgian cable operator Telenet is launching, in June, a CI Plus conditional access module (CAM) in its network in Flanders and Brussels.
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