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Ukrtelecom launches IPTV in Ukraine
Jul 16, 2014 – Ukrtelecom JSC (PFTS: UTLM) has announced the launch of its 'Interactive TV' IPTV service. Ukrtelecom broadband customers have the option of three different packages of up to 136 channels including 12 in high definition.
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Tvingo Telecom to launch IPTV with Netris
Sep 7, 2009 – Netris and Tvingo Telecom have announced that they have launched IPTV based on Nteris' IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware. Netris is providing support and development of Tvingo Digital in Vladikavkaz, in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Russia.
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Ukrtelecom launches IPTV service
Mar 25, 2009 – Ukrtelecom has commercially launched its 'U.TV' IPTV service as part of a triple play offer of telephony, broadband and digital television. The service is available in the Kiev region, Vinnichchine and Zaporozhye.
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Ukrtelecom launches Triple Play trial
Jul 21, 2008 – Ukrtelecom OJSC (UTEL) has launched a triple play trial. The company is preparing for a commercial launch before the end of the year.
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Ukrtelecom is launching IP television and IP telephony services
Oct 31, 2007 – Ukrtelecom is launching IPTV and IP-telephony for subscribers of its broadband Internet access service (trade mark "OGO!")
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