Digital TV News: Volia Cable

Volia Selects Minerva Platform to Offer Multiscreen Television Services
Mar 20, 2013 – Minerva Networks has announced that Volia has deployed Minerva iTVFusion for its advanced TV services. The system will enable the Ukrainian operator to offer pay TV services over third-party broadband networks, significantly increasing its service footprint.
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SMIT's First Conax CI+ CAM for VOLIA Cable
Nov 2, 2010 – SMiT has initiated supply of their Conax CI+ Chipset Pairing CAM (SECURE PLUS CAM) to VOLIA -- the number one cable operator in Ukraine.
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Ukrainian market statistics revealed
Oct 17, 2007 – Although there are around 600 cable operators in Ukraine, the market is dominated by three players. Volia Cable, the largest of these, has 530,000 subscribers.
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