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Global branded TV shipments totaled 219 million units in 2018
Feb 23, 2019 – According to WitsView, global shipments of branded TV sets for 2018 totaled 219 million units, up 4.1% on the prior year, indicating a recovery from weak TV demand in 2017. Branded TV shipments are expected to reach 223 million units in 2019.
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4K TVs to reach 23% market penetration in 2016
Nov 25, 2015 – Global LCD TV shipments for 2015 will total 216 million sets, according to the latest estimation by WitsView. This year’s shipments will represent a slight annual decline, for the first time since the shipment slide in 2013.
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Ultra HD TVs fast penetrating China market
Sep 9, 2014 – According to WitsView, approximately 14 million Ultra HD television have been shipped globally so far in 2014, penetrating 6-7% of the overall TV market. Chinese vendors have the highest penetration rates.
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2013 4K TV panel shipments reach one million units in August
Sep 13, 2013 – According to the large-sized panel shipment survey by WitsView, large-sized TV panel shipment for August 2013 attained 70.11 million units. To the end of August, 2013 4K2K TV panel shipment accumulated to 1.22 million units
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3D TV shipments to witness phenomenal growth estimated at 10 million units in 2011
Apr 28, 2010 – According to WitsView, in 2011 3D TV shipments will likely witness phenomenal growth, with sales estimated at 10 million units. Furthermore, 3D TV market penetration is estimated to be close to 10% in 2012, and 20% in 2015.
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