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THEO powers 'blue TV' streaming service from Swisscom
Nov 17, 2020 – THEO Technologies has announced that THEOplayer will be used by Swisscom to deliver its blue TV (previously known as TV Air) service. Swisscom will now use THEOplayer across its web clients as well as on Connected TVs.
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SRG SSR launches Swiss multilingual streaming app with You.i TV
Nov 10, 2020 – You.i TV has announced that their engine is being utilized by the SRG SSR as the underlying technology behind recently launched Play Suisse. Leveraging You.i Engine One, a small team of developers was ready for launch within just 9 months.
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SoftAtHome Strengthens its Solution with Bluestreak Technology to Provide Further Innovation in the Digital Home
Sep 12, 2008 – SoftAtHome has announced that it has licensed Bluestreak Technology's MachBlue™ platform. MachBlue runs Flash®-formatted files with a series of custom ActionScript functions on iTV, set-top boxes (STBs), Web tablets and mobile devices.
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ViXS XCode™ 3290 Video Processor works with Bluestreak's MachBlue Flash® Player
Sep 11, 2008 – ViXS Systems has announced that its XCode™ 3290 MPEG-4 AVC Transcoder/Encoder/Decoder SoC has been enabled with Bluestreak's MachBlue TV product. MachBlue offers a complete application environment, including Flash®, for CE and STB manufacturers.
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