Three Co-ops to launch OTT and VOD in Argentina

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 

BUENOS AIRES — Three telephone companies belonging to Argentina’s Chamber of Telecommunications Cooperatives (Cámara de Cooperativas de Telecomunicaciones – Catel) are planning to launch OTT and VOD television on September 21st. The cooperatives – Telpin (Pinamar, Buenos Aires), Telviso (Del Viso, Buenos Aires) and TelVGG (Villa Gobernador Galvez, Córdoba), will provide the service through a dedicated IP set-top box.

Argentina’s Autoridad Federal de Servicios de Comunicación Audiovisual (AFSCA) does not yet allow full IPTV, but OTT and VOD services, as already offered by Telefónica, do not require prior authorisation.

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