SES Certifies New Zinwell SAT>IP Converter

Friday, November 2nd, 2012
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LUXEMBOURG — SES S.A. (Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG) announced today the certification of a new SAT>IP converter by Zinwell, one of the major cable TV and set-top box manufacturers in Taiwan.

SAT>IP is a new standard developed and supported by SES. With SAT>IP, satellite-delivered programmes are converted into internet protocol (IP) standard at the point of reception in the home. Households can therefore receive, via their wired or wireless in-home internet distribution system, the full line-up of satellite TV content on a large range of IP-devices (such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs) at the same time. The Zinwell SAT>IP switch/server is the second to be certified according to the new standard, following the certification of the Inverto MULTIBOX SAT>IP converter in July.

“The certification of two SAT>IP converters within four months shows the industry’s interest in this new satellite in-home distribution technology,” said Thomas Wrede, Vice President of Reception Systems at SES. “With more manufacturers jumping on the SAT>IP bandwagon, we believe this new technology will become cost effective and competitive with other reception modes.”

“The Zinwell SAT>IP switch/server offers an opportunity for portable and IP device users to watch rich satellite programmes on their favourite devices, such as iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, smartphones, laptops, smart TVs or any networking devices. The installation and distribution cost can also be significantly reduced by using the Multicast and Unicast features in SMATV systems in hotels and flats. Our SAT>IP switch/server will be a cutting-edge device for multiscreen viewing in Europe,” said Chester Wu, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Zinwell.