Panasonic presents the world’s first TV set with integrated SAT>IP client

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 
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LUXEMBOURG — SES S.A. (NYSE Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG) and Panasonic today presented the world’s first TV set with integrated SAT>IP technology at the SES Industry Days in Luxembourg. The Panasonic VIERA TV has an integrated SAT>IP client which re-distributes the satellite TV signal via the IP-based home network, including Wi-Fi. The innovative technology enables viewers to watch TV at home, without a cord and wherever they like, on a large variety of IP-devices simultaneously and without complex in-house cabling.

SAT>IP is an innovative technology developed by SES and its industrial partners that translates the satellite transmission into an Internet Protocol (IP) signal that is redistributed in-house to IP-devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops. The technology allows the reception of several programmes in parallel on different devices and significantly enlarges the in-house reception base for the large range of high quality satellite transmissions.

SES Industry Days is a two-day event taking place in Luxembourg and gathering more than 230 delegates from two dozen countries and 130 companies – broadcasters, TV manufacturers, decoder manufacturers, hardware manufacturers and software developers – to discuss innovative technologies and developments of satellite transmission and reception and the entire future video broadcasting ecosystem.

Armando Romagnolo, Marketing Director of Panasonic Germany, said: “With its unparalleled variety of channels also in HD quality, satellite is one of the most popular ways to receive TV. As the world’s first TV manufacturer to integrate the innovative SAT>IP standard, this step is only logical and reflects our long-standing cooperation with SES.”

Wilfried Urner, Senior Vice President, Product Development and Management at SES, stated: “We are very pleased that Panasonic, as one of the leading TV manufacturers, supports SAT>IP. With the new Panasonic TVs featuring SAT>IP, viewers will have the flexibility to enjoy our large variety of channels in the highest quality on all possible receivers.”