Tricom launches triple-play gateway in the Dominican Republic

Monday, January 19th, 2015 
Tricom logo

Tricom SmartBox

SANTO DOMINGO — Tricom, part of the Altice Group, has announced the launch of its new Smartbox set-top box in the Dominican Republic. The gateway box integrates TV with internet access and telephony.

The box can act as: a personal video recorder utilising its internal HDD; a media centre, playing back files via USB or over the home network; a router, providing four ethernet connections as well as wireless access; and, a telephone socket for connection of a wired or cordless phone.

The box also supports access to YouTube videos over its internet connection.

The box is only available to subscribers taking Tricom’s Triple Play Max and Triple Play Max+ packages of TV, internet and telephony. The Max and Max+ options include 250 channels of television with 49 in high definition.