Malawi launches digital television

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016
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Malawi Digital Television Launched

The Minister of Information, Communications Technology and Civic Education, Hon. Patricia Kaliati, on April 23, 2016 launched the Malawi Digital Television in the city of Mzuzu.

Digital Television brings viewers high quality picture and more local channels to choose from, all of them for free.

Unveiling the “Kiliye Kiliye” digital decoder during the event, the Minister announced the reduction of a ‘KILIYE KILIYE’ decoder price from K15, 000 to K13, 500.

Malawi Digital Television Launch

The reduction, which is with immediate effect, will enable Malawians to buy the decoder till the analogue signal switch off on 30th June, 2016.

“Government has also put in place mechanisms for ensuring that ‘KILIYE KILIYE’ digital decoders are available for the people to access the digital television.

“Among them is the liberalisation of the sale and distribution of the ‘KILIYE KILIYE’ digital decoder so that they are readily available within communities,” she said.

In her remarks, MACRA Board Chairperson, Ms Mervis Mangulenje expressed happiness for the dedicated and zeal displayed by MACRA in the digital migration project to ensure that the country migrated as decreed by the ITU.

“As I speak now, Malawi is among the five countries that have been recognised by the ITU to have done so in the SADC region joining Mauritius, Tanzania, Namibia and Mozambique,” she said.

When analogue television signal will be switched off in Mzuzu this June, television viewers in the city and surrounding areas will not be able to watch any local television channel using analogue equipment.

Meanwhile, viewers are being advised to buy the ‘Kiliye Kiliye’ digital decoder to continue watching the 17 local channels that have migrated on the digital platform.

The next switch off will be in Zomba at a later date.