black launches HD smart box in South Africa

Thursday, November 16th, 2017
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Entertainment Platform, Black Launches Its Smart Box For The High-Definition Home Viewing

SA’s rich entertainment platform, black, today launched its blackBOX, a smart easy plug and play multimedia box that turns any television into a smart TV.

black, which officially launched this week, brings customers a diverse suite of content from renting to buying the latest movies, on demand content viewing plus gaming, live TV channels and so much more for the whole family.

The blackBOX, provides customers an interactive entertainment experience that pairs wonderfully with the incredible content available on the black platform and differentiates the black experience from similar services in South Africa and also world-wide.

“We have already covered the majority of access bases, with the Android application, iPhone application and the web platform, all already available to customers. Bringing the smart multimedia box into customers’ homes was the next natural progression” says Chief Executive of Content at black, Surie Ramasary.

The new blackBOX offers an incredible experience through the introduction of WatchApps, which brings a whole new level of engagement to entertainment. The WatchApps are built into the user interface of the blackBOX, ensuring that the additional interactive intelligence can be seamlessly accessed.

Social services like Facebook and Twitter will be available from launch, and allow customers to view and interact with their favourite TV and movie stars’ social platforms, from within the user interface, while watching a movie or series.

“We are building out the portfolio of WatchApps as we develop the platform so that customers really get a tailor-made experience on black,” says Ramasary.

The blackbox adds intelligence to the viewing experience ensuring that customers discover content, which is perfect for their viewing needs. While watching sports content on black, customers will be able to view details about their favourite leagues, teams and players and get up-to-date game statistics. While browsing the video-on-demand catalogue, customers get access to Wikipedia data, which will allow them to view details about the content they are about to watch, or are watching – like the leading stars, a movie synopsis, ratings and much more.

“One of the really exciting accessories related to the blackBOX is the remote control, which features all the regular access buttons on the front, but also a full qwerty keyboard on the back. You will no longer have to search letter by letter using the direction keys, but simply type in the information you are looking for to access the content that you like,” says Ramasary.

Services that will be available over the next few months following the launch include a commerce WatchApp which will enable customers to buy merchandise in the context of what they are watching – for example buying the jersey of their favourite team while watching them play. Customers will also be able to access value-added services like gaming, betting, and more and will be able to purchase and subscribe to the content on the blackBOX.

“What is really exciting, specifically for advertisers, is the Ads WatchApp, which allows customers to interact with advertising, like buying a pizza from their favourite delivery service or ordering merchandise of their favourite teams,” adds Ramasary.

Music lovers will also have the option of looking up the lyrics to their favourite songs within the music categories available on black.

The blackBOX from black will be available from any Cell C store nationwide and can be purchased for R1499.