TVSquared and LiveRamp provide audience-level insights into TV ad performance

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018
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TVSquared and LiveRamp Partner for Audience-Level Insights into TV Ad Performance

  • Inform and Optimize TV Buys Based on Audience Response

EDINBURGH, NEW YORK, RAMPUP — TVSquared, the gold-standard for TV measurement and optimization, has partnered with LiveRamp®, an Acxiom® company (NASDAQ: ACXM) and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, for audience-driven TV attribution. With audience-level insights into TV performance, advertisers can now understand who is responding to TV advertising and optimize spend for target audiences. Through this partnership, consumers should receive more relevant advertising across TV, as marketers are able to make more informed decisions.

TVSquared’s ADvantage platform, combined with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink™, give advertisers a deep understanding of audiences, enabling them to identify the segments that respond to TV, learn about viewing habits and find the creatives that resonate most. With these insights, advertisers can inform and optimize TV buys based on their target audiences.

TVSquared’s platform shows the impact that TV spots have on an advertiser’s business, answering the “what, when and how” of TV performance. With the addition of LiveRamp’s identity resolution service, users can also analyze performance from the audience perspective and discover “who” is responding to TV advertising. Through the partnership, advertisers can:

  • Identify audience segments that respond to TV
  • Learn about their viewing and response habits
  • Find the best creatives, networks, programs, genres, days and dayparts for response
  • Analyze TV performance by hundreds of audience attributes, including generation & lifestyle and Epsilon niches
  • Generate TV buy recommendations based on audience dimensions

Kevin O’Reilly, Chief Strategy Officer, TVSquared: “Our partnership with LiveRamp provides same-day insights into how all linear TV campaigns drive response from specific audience segments. This type of quick feedback loop allows our brand advertisers to not only reach the right audiences, but also reach them in the right content at the right times to drive maximum sales and engagement. TVSquared is based on the response of all TV airings, which is more robust than sample-based approaches of ratings and smart-TV-only attribution solutions.”

Allison Metcalfe, General Manager of TV, LiveRamp: “Leveraging people-based marketing practices in television is becoming increasingly necessary as marketers seek to direct and optimize TV spend to target audiences. Identity resolution capabilities make it possible to incorporate TV into your omnichannel marketing strategy. This partnership is truly game-changing for advertisers because it provides a level of audience analysis that has never been available before with TV.”