SEI Robotics selects Atmosic low power wireless and energy harvesting solutions

Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 
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SEI Robotics Selects Atmosic’s Low Power Wireless and Energy Harvesting Solutions for its Portfolio of Connected Devices

  • IoT industry leader to leverage Atmosic’s advanced technologies to significantly extend battery life in remote controls and smart home devices

CAMPBELL, Calif. & SHENZHEN, China — Atmosic Technologies, an innovator in energy harvesting platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced it is working with SEI Robotics, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of Android TV and IoT devices, to develop a range of ultra-low power remote control and smart home products. Through Atmosic’s ultra-low-power wireless technology, these smart devices will be able to last for years on a single battery. Some devices will also leverage Atmosic’s intelligently controlled energy harvesting technology to harvest ambient energy, further extending battery life and, in some cases, allowing devices to operate without any batteries.

SEI IoT devices use the ATM3231 extremely low-power Bluetooth SoC from Atmosic

“Atmosic’s innovative low-power wireless and energy harvesting technologies are driving a new era of sustainable innovation, helping to reduce the tech industry’s battery waste problem without companies having to sacrifice design aesthetics,” said Mike Fortin, SVP Global Sales for Atmosic. “We look forward to seeing SEI Robotics deploying our ultra-low-power solutions so consumers can avoid the inconvenience of maintaining or changing batteries in their remote control or smart home products for a device’s entire lifecycle.”

SEI’s remote control and smart home products – such as smart lights, security devices, switches, and plugs – will integrate Atmosic’s extremely low-power Bluetooth® LE ATM2 system-on-chip (SoC) solutions or the company’s energy-harvesting Bluetooth LE ATM3 SoC solutions. The ATM series offers much lower power consumption than competitors due to Atmosic’s extremely Low Power Radio and intelligent power management technologies which dramatically reduce power consumption so connected devices can last for years on a single battery, reducing or eliminating battery replacement. The ATM3 series adds the capability to directly collect and manage harvested energy from sources including ambient photovoltaic (PV) cells. Atmosic’s technology can help save billions of batteries from ending up in landfills in the coming years as end designs can use battery power more intelligently and can often operate without any batteries.

“Atmosic’s Bluetooth SoCs are enabling us to innovate in new ways and create more sustainable connected devices that require little to no battery maintenance by consumers,” said John Yin, CEO of SEI Robotics. “We selected Atmosic’s solutions for their unparalleled power-efficiency and highly integrated designs that allow us to meet consumer demand for differentiated products in compact form factors.”

Atmosic architected its wireless connectivity solutions to deliver industry-leading power savings from the ground up. The company’s ATM2 and ATM3 SoCs combine an ultra-low power Bluetooth LE with an integrated power management unit. The ATM3 also adds intelligent management of energy harvesting sources to improve its efficiency. This highly integrated design enables a direct connection to energy-harvesting elements such as PV cells or radio frequency (RF) antennas. It is more efficient as harvested energy is managed directly from the source without an additional energy harvesting chip, reducing the overall BOM. Furthermore, the compact design and lower power consumption make it possible for companies to integrate a smaller PV cell for connected devices, further reducing both the cost and area required for the PV cell. Atmosic’s solutions also give companies the option to use harvested RF energy to run the devices and store energy for future use.

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