CTVMA publishes 2024 global Smart TV OS market share data

Sunday, June 16th, 2024 
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2024 Global Smart TV Operating System (OS) Market Share Ranking

SYDNEY — The Connected TV Marketing Association (CTVMA) has announced its 2024 Global Smart TV Operating System (OS) Market Share Rankings. The global AM&E trade body has published its research on eleven of the world’s leading Smart TV Operating Systems (OS) and their global market share.

Global Smart TV OS Market Share - Tizen OS (Samsung), VIDAA OS (Hisense), webOS (LG Electronics), Roku TV OS, FireTV OS (Amazon), Android TV (Google), SmartCast (VIZIO), Titan OS (Philips), Apple tvOS, Tivo OS (Xperi), Others - 2024.jpg

Samsung’s Tizen OS is projected to command the largest market share (12.9%) for smart TV operating systems worldwide in 2024, with 120 million smart TV sets, according to the Connected TV Marketing Association (CTVMA). The top smart TV OS platforms after Samsung’s Tizen are Hisense (VIDAA OS) at 7.8%, LG (Web OS) at 7.4%, Roku (Roku TV OS) at 6.4%, and Amazon (Fire TV OS) at 6.4%. The CTVMA tracks smart TV OS data points on a quarterly basis using proprietary market share models which aggregate smart TV company-reported data with estimates based on business line revenues and other market research.

To calculate the number of smart TV devices sold under license by country and device brand, the CTVMA collected glass-level data insights from eleven original global equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and operating systems (OS), including Samsung Tizen OS, VIDAA OS (Hisense), Web OS (LG), Roku TV OS (Roku), Fire TV OS (Amazon), Android TV TV (Google), SmartCast OS (Vizio/Walmart), Titan OS (Philips), Apple tvOS (Apple) and TiVO OS.

More than 120 million smart TVs are sold every year across 600 TV brands under license operating systems (OS). The global smart TV operating system market is now fiercely competitive, driven by major players such as Google Android TV, Roku OS, Samsung Tizen, LG’s webOS, Amazon’s Fire TV and Apple’s tvOS. As a result, the global smart TV market size was valued at USD $230.24 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach USD $489 billion by 2030. Smart TV household penetration has now surpassed more than 54% of global households (over 1.1 billion homes) own a smart TV device. By 2026, an estimated 5.63 billion people will own a connected TV in the home.

“By participating in this initiative, smart TV platforms, media agencies, and adtech companies can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of CTV advertising, said James Grant Hay, CTVMA Streaming Economist. Together, we can enhance the accuracy of reporting, improve transaction transparency, and increase global brand market visibility,” he said.

The data collected by the Connected TV Marketing Association will be used to establish a comprehensive commercial channel reporting outlet for the future, providing valuable insights to advertisers and media buyers for market research purposes.

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