Digital TV News - Advertising

Banner adverts

Digital TV News can accept banner adverts for the following size and location combinations:

  1. 728×90 – header on all pages, including front page (3-400 page views per day)
  2. 160×90 – left sidebar on all pages (3-400 page views per day)
  3. 468×60 – front page banner under top story teaser, and on all news item pages (at end of news item content) (~200 page views per day)
  4. 300×250 – front page right square and on all category and search pages (~200 page views per day)
  5. 320×50 – mobile site, at top of all pages (~100 page views per day)

The banner content must be appropriate to the target readership of the Digital TV News site. If there is more than one advert for a particular slot the banners will be rotated.

Price is £60 (~$80) per week for banner option 1; and £25 (~$30) per week each for options 2 to 5, with a minimum run of 4 weeks in each case. Payment via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Contact The Digital TV Consultancy for more information.