Macedonia's Cosmofon launches digital terrestrial TV

Friday, September 4th, 2009

SKOPJE — This autumn, 95% of the households in the Republic of Macedonia will have the opportunity to enjoy the program package with superior digital picture and sound, foreign programs translated in Macedonian, 7 day electronic program guide, possibility to record and rewind, as well as video collection with the latest films and interactive services.

In the next few weeks, 500 Macedonian households will have the opportunity to try the new TV service free of charge.

A number of domestic and foreign channels in the genres most popular with the Macedonian viewers: sports, films, music, children programs, documentaries and educational programs as well as channels for adults with special not-for-children protection will be offered. The package will also include high resolution TV program.

Most of the world best channels will be exclusively available only at the wireless digital television.

What is an innovation is the localization in Macedonian language, which means that the foreign channels with Macedonian subtitles or synchronized in the official language of the Republic of Macedonia, as regulated with the domestic laws.

The company is very satisfied with the fact that after a few months negotiations with the biggest world TV companies, they agreed to include the Macedonian language as equal language to the other world languages their programs are broadcasted in. Very soon, translation in Albanian will be offered as well.

The holders of rights over the foreign programs are very satisfied because in the Republic of Macedonia they found a serious partner with the help of which the many years of chaos in the distribution of TV channels will finally be put in order, which understands full observance of the copy rights and coping with the sources of illegal broadcasting of other parties’ program.

The biggest world TV companies in cooperation with their partner for a long time Telekom Slovenije are firmly determined with all the legal means to fully complete the protection their own program from further illegal misuse and for their investments in RM amounting to over 250 million EURO to provide clear legal environment and conditions for fair and loyal competition on the market.

The project is being finalized with continuous good cooperation with all the competent institutions , especially with the Radio Broadcasting Council and the Agency for Electronic Communications, which was informed of all the technical difficulties and manners of their overcoming.

The investment in the wireless digital television for the Republic of Macedonia is fully financially provided and Telekom Slovenije is certain that this fall it will provide the Macedonian households with TV programs which meet the latest world standards.