Motama's software technology will be used in future digital home entertainment products from Bang & Olufsen

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Bang & Olufsen and Motama announce long-term cooperation

Bang & Olufsen is known as one of the word leaders in high-end products, such as music systems, loudspeakers, televisions, home theater solutions, and telephones. In particular, the Danish company has a long tradition of providing one of the finest and most complete home entertainment experiences for users, combined with new and innovative features.

After an extensive review of the market, Bang & Olufsen has now chosen Motama as its competence partner to provide key software technology for its future products for digital home networks. With its Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM), Motama offers a unique and powerful approach to digital media networking that provides the innovative features and high quality required for Bang & Olufsen’s distinctive high-end consumer products.

The NMM technology enables full control and seamless networking across any number of media devices distributed within the home network and beyond. With NMM, existing devices can be combined to form new ‘virtual’ devices, where media streams received by one device can be presented simultaneously and fully synchronized on any other device or group of devices within the network.

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