More than 40,000 IPTV users for SVG technology from BeeSmart and Ekioh

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
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LJUBLJANA and CAMBRIDGE — BeeSmart, the acknowledged interactive TV solution provider for service operators and Ekioh, a leading developer of compelling end user interface engines, are proud to announce a fast growing number of IPTV users on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) based client technology. The companies report that there are already over 40.000 end-users running BeeSmart middleware clients and Ekioh UI Engine.

BeeSmart and Ekioh deployed the first SVG based IPTV service in 2008, which was the first such deployment in the world. Today both companies hold the largest customer base using this technology, which is fast becoming the industry standard for modern user interfaces.

Built upon SVG standards, the Ekioh UI Engine is the most advanced user interface engine, available for any embedded device such as a television, Set Top Box (STB), mobile phone or portable media player. Utilizing the latest Web 2.0 standards from the W3C, it can provide a user experience second to none, with a completely customizable user interface and a comprehensive integration with media controls.

“BeeSmart’s early confidence in our SVG UI Engine has been very helpful in driving our technology to telcos, and has helped us develop the product for their needs.” says Piers Wombwell, CEO at Ekioh, “We are delighted that BeeSmart has developed a fast and attractive user interface design for their customers.”

BeeSmart IPTV middleware gives numerous possibilities to service providers for designing unique interactive TV services, such as rich TV experience, video recording, entertainment on demand and a compelling end-user interface. Set top boxes in the BeeSmart ecosystem are all running on SVG based engine provided by Ekioh, which enables rich graphics and smooth animations for the users.

“Choosing the Ekioh UI Engine as a client technology for BeeSmart interactive TV services was a correct decision back in 2008. This is now confirmed also with other middleware vendors slowly adopting SVG technology.” says Marko Hiti, CTO at BeeSmart, “After several commercial deployments based on Ekioh client platform and BeeSmart client applications, we are proceeding with good cooperation, preparing IPTV services for the next generation.”