Entropic Communications Makes the Connected Home Future a Reality, in Live Demonstrations at NCTA The Cable Show

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 
Entropic Communications logo

SAN DIEGO — The future of connected home entertainment is powered by Entropic Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTR), a leading provider of silicon and software solutions that is transforming the way in which operators deliver high-speed, high-definition (HD) content to and throughout the home. By embedding Entropic’s solutions in set-top boxes and consumer electronics devices, operators can provide consumers with more robust, exciting in-home entertainment experiences.

In booth #1813 (Los Angeles Convention Center), at The Cable Show 2010, Entropic encourages attendees to experience intelligent silicon applications for connected home entertainment – based on its field-proven MoCA® (Multimedia over Coax) innovations.

Come explore:

What You Really Want Now – An Easy to Install, Complete Home Networking Environment

  • Participate in a live demonstration of a whole-home network that highlights Entropic’s solutions based on MoCA–the most prominent, reliable, and widely distributed home networking wired standard available today–on a variety of HDTV and CE devices.

    With Entropic’s silicon, operators make it possible for their customers to share and distribute high-speed digital entertainment content, from SDTV/HDTV video to music, games, and photos, throughout the home by simply leveraging the existing coax cable infrastructure.

One Viewing Experience across Multiple TVs Has Never Been Easier

  • Enjoy viewing live or recorded content with a consistent look and feel from any room in the home by taking part in the RVU™ Alliance Remote User Interface (RUI) technology demonstration, which will be hosted in conjunction with the RVU Alliance and JetHead Development, Inc. RVU provides a uniform user experience for accessing, viewing, and controlling live or recorded HD programming or personal media content (e.g., videos and photos) via RVU compliant TVs, STBs and other connected clients throughout the home.
  • The RVU Alliance encourages broad and open industry adoption of RUI technology for whole-home television entertainment – which will enable viewers to receive the same look-and-feel experience at every TV in the home. Users will also enjoy the introduction of new consumer-focused features and applications that typically accompany commercial content, including the ability to interact with weather, enhanced sports, and other interactive applications from any connected TV in the home.

What’s Next – Be Part of the Connected Home Entertainment Future, Today

  • Connected home entertainment is an exciting revolution, so be part of it – early. Preview Entropic’s innovative reference products, reference designs, and end products that are designed to enable connected home entertainment, into and throughout the home.

The future of TV viewing as we know it is changing. Learn how Entropic Communications is transforming the in-home broadband backbone to drive excitement for users to record, share, merge, and distribute simultaneous IP-based content on any in-home device, courtesy of an inexpensive, easy-to-deploy MoCA-based network.