Entropic Communications Delivers High Quality, Low Cost Triple-Play Service Software

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
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c.LINK Access 1.5 Software Provides Combined IP Video, Voice and Data Over Existing Coaxial Cable Infrastructure

SAN DIEGO — Entropic Communications, Inc., a leading provider of systems solutions to enable connected home entertainment, today announced the availability of c.LINK Access 1.5 software, which allows cable operators to offer high quality, triple-play services over existing cable connections in multi-dwelling units (MDUs), high-density dwellings and single-family homes. The new software from Entropic enhances the company’s current c.LINK Access triple-play solution by supporting new features such as: multicast filtering, Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), IP Type of Service (TOS) mapping, and virtual LAN (VLAN) support.

Easy to Implement & Bandwidth Efficient

With Entropic’s c.LINK Access, cable operators have an easy and low-cost solution for delivering combined IP video, voice and data services to consumers. Since c.LINK Access has been designed to work over the existing coax infrastructure, operators can deliver revenue enhancing premium services without making significant investments in new capital expenditures.

“Service providers globally are challenged to implement premium service delivery at affordable costs,” said John Graham, vice president of Marketing for Entropic. “Entropic’s c.LINK Access provides a low cost, easy to implement, high quality, triple-play solution. The new features supported by c.LINK Access 1.5 software enhance the performance of the solution and provide an avenue for operators to offer additional services and capture the associated revenue stream without costing extra network bandwidth.”

c.LINK Access 1.5 software enables the efficient delivery of bandwidth intensive services such as: streaming high definition (HD) video and Video on Demand/IPTV through multicasting and Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) filtering. These important features deliver IP multicast traffic only to subscribed hosts and preserve network bandwidth for other functions.

Flexible, Scalable & Guaranteed Throughput

Entropic’s c.LINK Access solution with 1.5 software provides operators with flexibility, scalability and performance. c.LINK Access 1.5 software includes IP TOS mapping for downstream packets, which enables IP precedence and differentiated services for priority on the c.LINK Access network. The mapping system is configurable for each 802.1 priority and ensures consumers a quality viewing experience.

In addition, c.LINK Access 1.5 software includes VLAN support which can integrate seamlessly with an operator’s existing VLAN management infrastructure. With VLAN support, cable operators are now able to easily scale their service offerings by organizing groups of subscribers into logical LANs for administration and multicast delivery purposes. c.LINK Access 1.5 software supports up to six active VLANs on a network.

“Entropic continues to develop leading solutions which address the needs of our service provider customers,” said Jim Zhao, Actiontec’s director and general manager for APAC Broadband CPE Business. “The additional feature set of c.LINK Access 1.5 software provides a robust, low-cost vehicle for delivering high quality, premium services for our customer base.”


Entropic’s c.LINK Access 1.5 software is available on Entropic’s EN3230 customer-premises equipment (CPE) integrated circuit, currently in production. The c.LINK Access 1.5 software can be broadcast as an upgrade to all CPEs on a c.LINK Access network.