Telecommunications Authority Promulgates the Receiver Specification for Digital Terrestrial Television

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Subsequent to the announcement by the Telecommunications Authority (TA) on 4 June 2007 that the digital terrestrial television (DTT) would be deployed based on the National Standard, he publishes the two-tier technical specification for DTT receivers today (25 June 2007) so that consumer electronics manufacturers are able to produce and supply compliant DTT set-top boxes and integrated TV sets for the Hong Kong market.

The two-tier specification, namely, basic-tier and higher-tier specifications, is to cater for the different DTT deployment plans of the two broadcasters and the versatile needs of consumers.The basic-tier receivers primarily aim at receiving the four existing local free-to-air television programme channels transmitted in digital format.The higher-tier receivers will allow consumers to enjoy all DTT programme channels including high-definition television programme channels.

In case of any enquiry in relation to the technical specification for DTT receivers, interested parties may send email to or call the hotline of the Office of the Telecommunications Authority (2961 6333).

More: Technical Specification for DTT Baseline Receiver Requirements (HKTA 1108)