Hong Kong Auctions UHF Spectrum for the Provision of Mobile Television Services

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Auction of Radio Spectrum in the UHF Band for the Provision of Broadcast-type Mobile Television Services Successfully Concluded

The Office of the Telecommunications Authority (“OFTA”) announced today that China Mobile Hong Kong Corporation Limited has successfully bid for the radio spectrum in the 678 – 686 MHz band at the spectrum utilization fee (“SUF”) of HK$175 million.

OFTA released the spectrum through auction to implement the “Framework for Development of Broadcast-type Mobile TV Services in Hong Kong” announced by the Government on 11 February 2010.

“The assignment of the spectrum in the 678 – 686 MHz band enables the provision of broadcast-type mobile TV services. This will enhance the development of the mobile market in Hong Kong, give consumers the choice to a wider range of high quality TV programs that are available in real time through mobile devices, and strengthen Hong Kong’s status as a world class wireless city,” a spokesperson of OFTA said.

“China Mobile Hong Kong Corporation Limited, after payment of the SUF and submission of the performance bond, will be assigned the spectrum under a 15-year unified carrier licence to be issued by the Telecommunications Authority in July/August 2010. The licensee will be required to use at least 75% of the transmission capacity to deliver mobile TV content, and to provide service coverage to at least 50% of the Hong Kong population within 18 months from licence grant,” the spokesperson of OFTA added.

Conducted on an Internet-based software platform, the auction commenced on 28 June 2010 and was completed on 29 June 2010 after a total of 18 bidding rounds over two days. Three bidders took part in the spectrum auction.

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