Oregan's Onyx Delivers New Apps to Access Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Content, Casual Gaming and TV Series Catch-up in HD

Thursday, December 30th, 2010
Oregan Networks logo

LONDON — 2011 International CES — Oregan Networks, the pioneering media browser company for connected Consumer Electronics, has announced availability of an updated version of its Onyx software. The new version features enhanced speed and security, as well as providing access to new home entertainment applications, powered by one of UK’s most popular movie streaming site blinkbox and the internet gaming specialist Accedo Broadband. The previously introduced UK catch-up TV services are now available through Onyx in high definition, made possible via additional content protection technologies.

The enhanced features and services are available to new customers purchasing Onyx-powered devices this holiday season, as well as being provided in the form of an automated internet upgrade to the existing owners of Cello iViewer connected TVs and Onyx Digital Streams internet media players running Oregan’s Onyx browser inside.

Oregan’s VP of Market Strategy Milya Timergaleyeva said, ‘The Onyx browser was introduced in the UK retail market in December 2009 and, despite its newcomer status, has gained considerable recognition amongst a varied audience of consumers, thanks to the quick connectivity set-up and a wide selection of available content services ranging from cooking channels and social networking apps – to the UK’s leading TV catch-up services. With the addition of over 8,000 top global movie titles for rent and purchase and a number of free gaming apps, we have expanded the number of ways in which families can engage with media in front of the television during this holiday season.’

Today, the Onyx suite of browser-based widgets and applications include: DLNA home media sharing with PCs and portable devices, access to internet services such as BBC iPlayer, blinkbox, Accedo Funspot, YouTube, Flickr, Disney Movie Previews, The CNN Daily, Jamie’s Ministry of Food Recipes, Discovery Channel Video Podcasts, Sesame Street Podcast, Twitter, Facebook and many others.

Onyx browser is built on industry standards allowing existing PC websites and widgets to be easily adapted by publishers for TV usage. A collection of additional Over The Top video services are slated for release in the early 2011.

Oregan will be showcasing Onyx powered devices delivering Over The Top services at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.