3DFusion Demonstrates Live Glasses Free 3DTV at NAB2011

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

3DFusion to Unveil Live Camera 3D Without Glasses in the 3ALITY Pavilion at N.A.B. in Las Vegas

NEW YORK — 3DFusion Corp announced today the demonstration of a significant breakthrough technology in broadcasting taking place this week at the National Association of Broadcasters’ trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

An event that most of the industry sees as five to ten years in the future, can be seen this week by Media representatives and N.A.B attendees.

This week at NAB in the 3ALITY Digital pavilion, outside of Central Hall, 3DFusion is demonstrating a “LIVE” 3DTV video feed from the 3ALITY Digital 3D camera array, as they capture live Basketball play on the basketball court constructed outside of Central Hall at NAB to be shown on 3D Fusion Without Glasses TV.

In the history of 3D video imaging, 3DTV’s “Holy Grail” has been the pursuit of a glasses free 3DTV platform performing at Broadcast quality 2D standards. What is called for is an A to Z, complete 3D platform upgrade, addressing all performance requirements from live camera capture to control room engineering to viewer display.

3DFusion President Steve Blumenthal made the following comparison between 3DFMax 3DTV “Without Glasses” and “With Glasses 3D”

“Though we are targeting the richness of the With Glasses 3D imaging, our 3DFMax images are designed to mimic the way the eye sees. It is a more ‘real’ natural 3D image which can be enjoyed as effortlessly as conventional television without any eyestrain, viewing restrictions or unacceptable side effects. With the 3DFMax 3DTV technology, the viewer can adjust the 3D depth impact to his personal preference, on the fly in real time. He has the same control as he would in correcting color or adjusting volume with his remote control.” “Now for the first time ever,” continued Blumenthal, “a live 3DTV, glasses free, ASD and 3D camera capture system, is presented to the NAB community.”

3DFusion’s 3DTV platform is based on a marriage between depth mapping Math algorithms and classical stereoscopic left / right 3D data, the 3DFusion PC driven 3DTV platform is the first ASD 3DTV system to demonstrate and address all of the fundamental requirements of the broadcast television industry.

“3DFusion is staking its claim as the first 3DTV Without Glasses company to come to market with a credible alternative to conventional 2D TV,” commented 3D Fusion C.E.O. Ilya Sorokin.

3ALITY Digital, a long time leader in 3D broadcast has taken this opportunity to introduce their NEW line of 3D hardware and software products. As a leading 3D broadcast technology company, their technical expertise is second to none. 3DFusion is honored to have the opportunity of working with Steve Schklair and the 3ALITY Digital crew for this Live 3D camera capture historic event. “Their advanced 3D production tools will revolutionize 3DTV, and their state of the art technology solutions are a major advancement for 3DTV,” stated Blumenthal.

Now, for the first time ever the 3ALITY state of art 3D video camera capture technology and a 3DFMax ASD, “Perfect Picture” display technology are being presented as a complete television industry package. No other 3D ASD company has technology, which will support live camera feeds. This is an Exclusive feature of the 3DFMax 3DTV platform.

“This is the best autostereo display I’ve seen to date,” stated Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ALITY, “For certain commercial applications, the 3D Fusion ASD is ready now, and this technology for the home is a lot closer than I previously thought. Their live 3D camera capture/ASD display, complete with on-the-fly depth adjustments, clearly demonstrates beyond proof of concept-it works.”