EBU publishes DVB-T2 planning guidance

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011
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The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has published a report (EBU Tech 3348) on network and frequency planning for DVB-T2 terrestrial television services. It is complementary information to the ETSI system specification (EN 302 755) and implementation guideline (TS 102 831) and the corresponding DVB Blue Books (A122, A133).

Scenarios included

The new EBU report provides an introduction to the DVB-T2 system and explains receiver and network planning parameters. New planning features, such as SFN extension, MISO and Time-Frequency Slicing (TFS) are also explained. The document also discusses eight possible implementation scenarios for rooftop, portable and mobile reception. Transition scenarios to DVB-T2 are addressed too including implementation of DVB-T2 under the GE06 Agreement and Frequency plan.

Field trials under way

DVB-T2 field trials are currently being performed in several countries, and first implementations of regular DVB-T2 DTT services have been started. Nonetheless, for several of the parameters and criteria required for network and frequency planning, no consolidated experience or data is publicly available yet. This is particularly true for protection ratios and C/N measurements. The EBU will monitor the situation and intends to cover these aspects in a future revision of the report.

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