Zoran Introduces Optimized Interactive IP Set-Top Products for Service Operators

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
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SupraXD® 288 Platform Demonstrated at NCTA 2011 in Chicago

SUNNYVALE, CA — Zoran Corporation (NASDAQ: ZRAN), a leader in SoC (system-on-a-chip) solutions for the set-top, DTV and multimedia device markets, is demonstrating a new platform optimized for high definition interactive IP set-top box systems at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) Show.

Cost-efficient IP client set-top boxes

Zoran is introducing the SupraXD® 288 SoC platform, a product that enables operators to move away from high cost set-top boxes and migrate to more cost-efficient IP client home media gateway architectures. Based on a cutting-edge 40nm process, the SupraXD® 288 processor integrates all the necessary capabilities to deliver an excellent viewing experience including a powerful CPU, 3D graphics, and low-cost memory footprint in a low-cost IP client set-top box.

“The emergence of the IP Client set-top products, means that MSOs are able to break away from using expensive set tops that typically include costly hard disks and cable cards,” said Anthony Simon, VP of Marketing for Zoran’s set-top box business. “Making use of Zoran’s consumer electronics expertise, the SupraXD® 288 SoC is optimized for all aspects of an IP Client set-top system.”

In addition, the SupraXD® 288 solution employs relevant security technology including conditional access, DRMs, as well as DTCP-IP. The SoC also integrates multiple communications interfaces that will enable cost-effective connections to WiFi and MoCA as well as other home networking systems.

Moving to mainstream markets

“Many MSOs are working to add support for their full customer experience to a range of devices beyond the set-top box, including TVs, Blu-ray players, and game consoles,” said Stephen Froehlich at IMS Research. “With its proven success in low-cost set-top box designs, Zoran should be well-positioned for success in this rapidly-emerging market.” IMS Research is forecasting that North American thin IP client STB volumes will grow to 21 million units by 2014.

According to the industry publication Heavy Reading, 46% of MSOs expect IP-based set-top boxes to become a mainstream cable product by 2012, with 75% expecting mainstream by 2013. In addition, on a worldwide basis, 40% of cable operators plan to implement IPTV services by 2012.

“TV Everywhere”

Another benefit of the SupraXD® 288 SoC for operators is that it shares the same architecture as Zoran’s digital TV solutions. With this approach, Zoran has streamlined its ability to provide IPTV capabilities across connected DTVs and set-top boxes. Zoran already has invested in its “TV Everywhere” software portfolio that includes support for Linux and Android operating systems, as well as all the popular IP video and audio streaming applications.

At NCTA, Zoran will be demonstrating its IP client systems together with its partner Entropic Communications, implementing the world’s first MoCA 2.0 IP client home networking systems.