Silicon Image Introduces InstaPrevue™ Technology

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
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Unique, First-of-a-Kind Technology Provides a Visual Preview of Multiple Sources Connected to a DTV or AVR

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — CEDIA EXPO 2011 — Silicon Image (NASDAQ:SIMG), a leading provider of wireless and wired HD connectivity solutions, today announced its latest innovation, InstaPrevue™ technology, which will be featured in Silicon Image digital TV (DTV) and audio/video receiver (AVR) port processors.

InstaPrevue provides the first-ever, live picture-in-picture preview of every HDMI input connected to a digital television or A/V receiver.

Instead of cycling through inputs or navigating a text-based menu, users can now view and select the live preview window to switch between their Blu-ray™ Disc player, set-top box, DVD player, game console, or other HDMI-connected device.

“Anyone who has ever accidentally selected the wrong input when changing from their set-top box to their game console will appreciate the simplicity and usefulness of InstaPrevue. It’s like a video version of our successful InstaPort™ technology, which dramatically improves consumers’ ability to switch between HDMI inputs by reducing switching time to a single second,” said Alex Chervet, senior director of marketing at Silicon Image, Inc. “InstaPrevue technology is yet another example of Silicon Image’s ‘standards plus’ approach offering our customers innovations over and above standard HDMI features. We expect our consumer electronics customers to embrace InstaPrevue technology as much as they have adopted InstaPort.”

InstaPrevue technology enables the location, size, and appearance of the preview windows to be controlled by software within the DTV or AVR, allowing the manufacturer to seamlessly integrate a custom implementation of InstaPrevue with the system’s remote control and on-screen graphical interface.

InstaPrevue technology will be demonstrated at the CEDIA EXPO 2011, September 7-10, 2011 in Indianapolis, IN. To view the technology demonstration, visit DVDO’s booth # 531 at the Indiana Convention Center.

InstaPrevue technology will also be showcased at Silicon Image’s demo suite in the APA Hotel & Resort during CEATEC Japan 2011, Oct. 4-7, 2011 in Tokyo, Japan.