Maxis signs agreements with content partners for IPTV service in Malaysia

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
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Maxis signs strategic partnerships with 14 content providers to deliver a new IPTV experience in Malaysia, anytime, anywhere

KUALA LUMPUR — Maxis Berhad (Maxis); Malaysia’s leading integrated communications service provider, today announced its partnership with 14 content providers, successfully securing a wide variety of exciting content for the company’s soon-to-be launched IPTV service. Through the strategic collaborations, Maxis is committed to delivering compelling content for individuals and families by offering diverse on-demand movies and series, Free-to-Air (FTA) channels, as well as interactive applications.

The 14 content partners that signed with Maxis are Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), All Asia Multimedia Networks FZ-LLC, Media Prima Berhad, LI TV International Ltd, Red Bull GmbH, Five Star Production Co. Ltd, Vision Plus Entertainment Sdn Bhd, Travel Channel International Limited, Asa’ad Entertainment Network Sdn Bhd, Brilliant Pictures, Five Star Trading, Trace TV S.A., The Wiggles International Pty Ltd and Classic Media Distribution Limited. Together, all these content partners will provide the first wave of rich IPTV content through the Maxis Home Fibre Internet service providing movies, series and other programmes from multiple genres including Drama Series, Lifestyle and Travel, Kids, Action Sports and Music. The brands and channels that Maxis will be featuring include seven Free-to-Air Channels namely TV1, TV2, TVi, TV3, NTV7, 8TV, TV9; as well as content from LI Space, LI Body, LI Savour, LI Chic, Tonton, Travel Channel, Wiggles, Jump, Classic Media, Trace Urban, Trace Sports, XS, Red Bull, Five Star Trading, Five Star Production, Brilliant Pictures and Asa’ad.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture, YB Dato’ Joseph Salang Gandum, while Maxis was represented by its Chairman, YM Raja Tan Sri Arshad Raja Tun Uda.

YM Raja Tan Sri Arshad Raja Tun Uda said, “Today’s signing is a key milestone for Maxis, as it signifies our commitment to enrich our customers’ lives. It is also a great moment for Maxis Home Fibre Internet customers who will soon get to enjoy TV content through the IPTV service. Through our partnerships with key content providers, we are giving customers another avenue to choose content from. To our content partners, we are delighted to be the enabler that will ensure their content reach a wider audience. As Malaysia’s leading integrated communications service provider, we look forward to playing an active role in supporting the Government’s initiative to advance the Malaysian Creative Content Industry through new means of delivering local content to the public.”

Mark Dioguardi, Joint Chief Operating Officer, Maxis added, “Malaysians are contemporary in their use of technology and that includes how content is consumed. Customers increasingly desire that information and entertainment of their choice be available at all times across a host of devices. Following Maxis’ mantra ‘Customers First’, our role is to aggregate the best content and enable them to access it wherever they are and whenever they want it. With Maxis Home, our customers can have ‘peace of mind’ in knowing that we give them more choice and the best value, backed by our award winning customer service team, an advanced network with the largest high speed fixed and wireless footprint in the country and a robust ecosystem of partnerships with leading players in the industry. This is just the beginning; we will certainly add more innovative services, content and applications to expand our delivery of unique viewing and interactive experiences. Customers can expect more international, local and pan regional content options in the months ahead.”

Maxis provides high speed internet services for customers to enjoy on their laptops, tablets, smartphones and now on televisions. With its Fibre Internet service which is currently available to 1.2 million homes and offices and its fixed and on-the-go Wireless Internet service with 82% population coverage, Maxis is offering reliable and fast internet to nearly 6 million homes in Malaysia. Both services come bundled with fixed line telephony including free allocated minutes to fixed and mobile numbers.

Through these strategic partnerships with key content partners and more in the pipeline, Maxis IPTV service, in phases, will deliver an exciting line-up of on-demand movies and series including HD and 3D content as well as seven Free-to-Air channels with catch-up TV from Tonton; and Live TV time-shifting, PVR and remote-PVR functionality; enabling customers to record and watch the TV channels whenever they want. With a rich suite of multi-screen content and interactive applications, from entertainment to education, Maxis IPTV service will have something for everyone in the family, anytime, anywhere.