First Media Launches First PVR in Indonesia

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
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First Media Digital Recorder, is the First PVR ( Personal Video Recorder) enables you to control your TV, allowing you to pause, rewind and fast-forward live TV or record the programs you wish to watch by only pressing one button

JAKARTA, Indonesia — PT LinkNet (First Media) as a provider of broadband internet (FastNet) and pay tv (HomeCable) keeps conducting innovations to provide added values to the service to Indonesian market, especially in Information, Education, Telecommunication and Entertainment.

First Media is a services provider that are known to always present the first technology and services in Indonesia, after successfully deliver the first HD entertainment in Indonesia and currently has 21 channels including 3D; the innovation continued with the first Video On Demand too, this time the launch of the First Media Digital Media Recorder marks as the first time of PVR (Personal Video Recorder) services in the market. All this is in line with the vision of First Media, Empowering You!

“As a provider that understands consumers’ needs of digital era, either on the sides of lifestyle, education or connectivity, we attempt to provide various facilities to the market to meet the needs of digital world nowadays. First Media Digital Recorder service is one of our efforts in providing the best services to First Media customers,” said Hengkie Liwanto, the CEO of PT Link Net.


First Media Digital Recorder is the latest service from First Media that provides facilities of recording the customers’ favorite programs, that may be viewed on PVR menu in HomeBox HD + and is very user friendly.

By First Media Digital Recorder, the customers may do pause, rewind and fast forward live TV programs or record the programs they wish to watch, by only pressing one of buttons connected to and registered to one Set Top Box.

“The presence of this additional feature will enrich the concept of entertainment and interactivity that demands the high comfort level and easiness to access daily life needs,” added Hengkie.

The customers may get TV experience different from what they watched before. By this new service, the customers may record TV shows, films, matches and any program they want, without worrying to miss midnight programs due to their rest time, since only by arranging program schedule, they may record and watch the programs at their free time.

This innovations is part of First Media 4C Concept:


Giving comfort by providing a variety of features either on services and technology.

Dynamic life sometimes does not allow us to watch entertainment on certain time. Sometimes when enjoying TV entertainment, the customers are distracted by the presence of guests or other things out of their expectation.

The ability of First Media Digital Recorder enables the customers watch their favorite programs. They may record what they will probably miss.

They may also all TV series they want to see in accordance with hard disk capacity available in First Media Digital Recorder, so that they may watch the series from the beginning to the end without interuption when they are at their free time.


Giving freedom to customers to control what they want .

When the customers watch programs, First Media Digital Recorder will record up to 120 minutes, in order that they may pause, rewind and fast forward any time when they access TV connected to First Media Digital Recorder.


Giving choices to the customers

Dilema sometimes happens to the customers due to some programs are aired at the same time. However they do not have to worry, since in the future the progress of innovation of First Media Digital Recorder will make the customers watch various programs at the same time.

They may watch one program live and they may record other programs that they want to watch. It Simplifyies their life! . After the first program is finished, they may watch another that they record.


First Media HomeCable provides hundreds of choices, both international and local contents that may be enjoyed and selected by the customers.


At the first time, First Media officially launches FIRST MEDIA DIGITAL RECORDER service at The Residences at Dharmawangsa, one of premium apartments in Jakarta. The residents of the apartment become the first consumers in Indonesia that enjoys the sensation of innovation feature from First Media.

“We are proud of being able to bring precious choice, bigger engagement and better interactivity by watching television exclusively by First Media Digital Recorder for the first time to the residents of The Residence at Dharmawangsa” said Hengkie.

I.G.A Yenni Santawirya, the Senior Property Manager of The Residence at Dharmawangsa said, “Today’s modern lifestyle in the cities needs high quality and high speed unlimited facilities. The main digital needs are the competence of First Media that we feel, since they give added value and the best service quality to the residents of The Residences at Dharmawangsa.

“We are happy that we are chosen as the first to get this facility, and we hope that the relationship we have for years may be well-maintained and give added value to the residents of The Residence at Dharmawangsa,” added Yenni.