Airtel launches SD set-top box with external storage

Sunday, October 27th, 2013
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Now record even on a standard definition box with Airtel Digital TV

  • Priced at no extra cost, the set-top-box will allow customers to just plug-in a pen drive to record their favorite TV programmes
  • Now pause & resume any ongoing TV show including LIVE programmes

NEW DELHI — Airtel Digital TV, the DTH service arm of leading telecom operator Bharti Airtel, today launched an all new standard definition (SD) set-top-box that will come loaded with an exciting feature of recording. The new state-of-the-art SD set-to-box will allow customers to enjoy recording by just plugging-in an external storage device offering them never before experience of TV viewing. What’s more…customers will no longer miss the climax of any movie or that run-out of a cricket match or any excitement, they can just pause any TV show, even LIVE programmes for a quick TV break to attend to any chore like phone calls, door-bell etc and resume play once they are back to start from where they left off.

Available at unbelievable price of just Rs. 2000/-, it will allow customers to record their favorite TV programmes and watch them at leisure with a DVD like control of TV viewing with features such as pause, rewind, slow-motion viewing & fast-forward. Customer can just plug-in his/her own pen drive or other external storage device into the Airtel Digital TV+ set-top-box to start enjoying recording and can schedule the recordings even via mobile or internet. Customers can record on an external storage device of up-to 2 Terabytes and create an unlimited personal content library by using multiple storage devices for the recordings.