NetRange - now more than 2000 global linear TV channels available

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
NetRange logo

NetRange will offer more than 2,000 linear worldwide TV channels in over 95 countries on its Smart TV platforms

HAMBURG, Germany — NetRange, the global leader in white label Smart TV portal solutions, announced today it has signed contracts with more than 2000 linear TV channels via IP, enabling the Hamburg/ Germany based start-up to offer a unique quantity and variety of worldwide linear TV channels distributed through a single aggregator source. Starting this year NetRange portals will carry one of the largest linear TV offerings in the global market.

Technical barriers which limit the availability of additional channels do not exist anymore as no technical infrastructure is needed. ”Our solution has no technical limitations”, said Jan Wendt, CEO of NetRange, “Therefore, we can add linear channels from everywhere to everywhere with no limitations regarding quantity”. The TV channels will be available in two different technical play-out qualities. Standard streaming will be provided via HLS. Furthermore, in the future NetRange will offer an additional premium virtual-multicast-solution with which NetRange will achieve a TV like standard regarding channel switching time and signal quality.

This unique product will be available on all NetRange portals in over 95 countries. “This is a great new generation of TV,” said Wendt, “consumers around the world will now have access to more than 10 of the most important international news channels in English language allowing them to follow global news from different national and political perspectives at the same time or view sports ranging from American football, to golf, cricket and many others”.